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FOAM ROLLHere are a few tips to help with flexibility and muscle tightness in your legs.  Perform 3-5 minutes each area, 1 time per day after a 10-minute cardio warm up. Foam rolls come in a variety of density, start out with a softer surface and work your way up to a higher density foam roll.CALFRoll below knee down to anklefr-calfGLUTESCross one leg over the otherRoll outer hipfr-gluteILIOTIBIAL BANDRoll side of upper leg, hip down to above kneefr-itband Some benefits of foam rolling include:Improved ROM, circulation and blood flowImproved flexibility and aid in recovery from athletic activitiesCan be found at our clinic, sporting goods store, amazon etc.PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK THE PHYSICAL THERAY DEPARTMENT AT GRAHAM REHAB AND WELLNESS ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE.