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Lori Linn

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach
at Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness

I learned about Ideal Protein in the summer of 2014. I gained 60 pounds over the last 20 years and after having children I had also developed, and was taking medication, for Type II Diabetes. I tried every diet out there and even exercised religiously at the gym but could not lose more than 20 lbs. After each diet I would slowly gain the weight back.

My doctor wanted me to go on Insulin or take a different medication that would make me gain weight! I begged him for 3 more months to try and lose weight to bring my numbers down.

I found Ideal Protein and within this time span I lost 34 pounds! My new lab results show that my blood sugar levels are on the high end of NORMAL and I am no longer considered diabetic!

Ideal Protein is the easiest diet protocol I ever experienced! On Ideal Protein I never get uncontrollable hunger and my taste buds are satisfied with the wide variety of foods available through the protocol. I also really enjoy the delicious vegetables and protein that I eat daily.

Now I can enjoy camping and hiking with my family and not sit back at the campsite because I can’t climb the trail!

I recently became a coach because I wanted to meet people like me, who were discouraged with every other diet they’d tried. I get to help people be successful and change their lives for the better. Ideal Protein didn’t just change my life, it saved my life.

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