Dr. Kyle McKenzie

Seattle Chiropractor
at Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness

Viewing healthcare from an integrated and holistic approach, Dr. Kyle McKenzie focuses on treating the underlying cause of a condition rather than simply the symptoms presented. Growing up as a Seattle native, Dr. McKenzie has seen firsthand the unique health culture that exists in Western Washington, and is proud of the active lifestyle of Pacific Northwest residents. After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in psychopharmacology, Dr. McKenzie worked in pharmaceutical research and development for two years prior to transitioning his focus toward chiropractic.

What I found in the pharmaceutical domain of medicine was that physical, nutritional, and supplemental treatments were too often ignored in favor of more invasive, and costly options. I knew a more effective way to manage health and wellness was out there. I found that in chiropractic.
Dr. McKenzie graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While at Palmer, he completed an internship position in their esteemed rehabilitation department under the guidance of Doctors Dave Juering and Ranier Pavlicek. In addition to the Palmer curriculum, Dr. McKenzie was an active member of Palmer’s Motion Palpation Institute Club and has attended seminars focusing on full spine, upper dynamic movement assessment, and lower dynamic movement assessment. Dr. McKenzie has also spent time assessing, researching, and managing visceral, somatic, and neuropathic pain patterns.
I’ve developed a real passion for treating the individual and teaching life style modifications that go beyond alleviating pain. A multimodal approach to healthcare is critical to not only obtain initial results, but sustain long term vitality.
Dr. McKenzie has a true appreciation for the arts and in his free time takes pleasure in playing music and attending concerts at local venues. Dr. McKenzie enjoys staying active by traveling, hiking, and exploring all the offering of Western Washington.

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