Joey Babauta, LMP

Seattle Licensed Massage Therapist
at Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness

My passion for bodywork stems from a long history chronic pain. In 2011, I completed an extensive 1000 hour program from Cortiva Institute where I learned to integrate multiple treatment modalities to address a myriad of somatic complaints. When addressing the body, I seek to placate the nervous system in order to do the work that is needed. I pull from a toolbox of techniques as subtle as craniosacral & positional release to as deep as structural bodywork. I also have a specialized focus in neurofascial work to address peripheral nerve entrapments. I am excited to be part of an interdisciplinary team to give our patients the best possible outcomes.

Graham, Downtown Seattle Chiropractic,
Naturopathic Medicine,
Physical Therapy, & Weight Loss

1215 4th Ave #1000
Seattle, WA 98161

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