Upper Back Pain, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain

Do you have neck or back pain that is the result of an injury or accident? Or, have you noticed pain with certain postures such as sitting at your computer workstation, on your commute, or while traveling? Whether your pain is injury-related or associated with static postures, Dr. Valencia will address your symptoms with a comprehensive evaluation and assessment to determine the cause of your pain.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Working together with you, he will develop an individualized treatment plan that is specifically designed to improve your strength in core, hip/glutes and postural musculature, increase flexibility and mobility in areas of tightness, and improve postural awareness and body mechanics with your daily activities and general exercise routine.

Neck Pain, Upper Back pain, Low Back Pain Treatment

In addition to strengthening and flexibility exercises, treatment sessions will also include manual therapy such as myofascial release, trigger point release, strain/counterstrain techniques, and joint mobilizations in order to minimize muscular guarding and spasm. Downtown Seattle physical therapist Dr. Valencia uses this combined approach of strengthening, stretching, manual treatment, and education to tackle your symptoms from all angles and facilitate your recovery as quickly as possible.

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