Post-Operative Rehabilitation for Shoulders, Knees, Hips, Ankles/Feet, Spine Surgeries

If you have had an injury that requires surgical intervention, you will need Physical Therapy post-operatively during the healing process. It is vital to begin treatment as soon as your surgeon prescribes it in order to maximize the results of your surgery and reduce compensations and imbalances that your body naturally creates when it is healing.

Post-Operative Physical Therapy Treatment with Physical Therapist Dr. Valencia

Initially, you may require gentle passive exercise and light massage to address pain and swelling and to limit loss of mobility. The next phase of treatment will introduce light strengthening activities and manual therapy techniques to facilitate full range of motion and minimize muscular guarding/spasm. Once full range of motion is achieved, we will then be able to progress strengthening exercises and return you to your prior level of functioning.

Dr. Valencia will work together with you to get you back to your normal activity level and exercise routine as quickly as possible.

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