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Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Low Back Pain

Ankle sprains, knee sprains (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL)
Knee meniscus injuries
Muscle tears or strains
Plantar fasciitis
Medial epicondylitis (“Golfer’s elbow)
Lateral epicondylitis (“Tennis elbow”)
Overuse injuries in shoulders, hands, knees, hips

Physical Therapy for Athletes

Seattle is fortunate to have many options for the recreational athletes that love to live here. Unfortunately, these activities come with the risk of injury or overuse issues. Downtown Seattle physical therapist Dr. Hasenmyer has extensive experience in treating an array of sports injuries and understands the desire to return to your sport or activity quickly. She has treated athletes at all levels with injuries that result from biking, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, running, hiking, throwing, soccer, basketball, rock climbing, tennis, golf, and so many others. She will work with you to facilitate recovery and return you to your sport or exercise activity of choice as quickly as possible while also addressing any weaknesses, muscular imbalances, or joint mechanics that can lead to future injuries.

Maximizing Performance and Preventing Injuries

As a former collegiate basketball player and avid hiker and road cyclist, Dr. Hasenmyer is also an excellent resource for any athlete who would like education or guidance on proper cross-training activities and/or body mechanics with strengthening exercises in order to maximize performance and limit strain to other areas of your body.

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