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Weight gain affects a significant number of people all over the United States. The first step toward weight loss is identifying and understanding the root causes of weight gain. Identifying the best way to lose weight and then maintain an ideal weight is the next step toward weight stability. The goal of every weight loss program should be to develop a diet that becomes an integral part of your everyday lifestyle.

At Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness, we understand that weight gain can result from a lingering injury, pain, or some other physical condition that makes exercise difficult, if not impossible. Our multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness seeks to address the root cause of our patient’s problems, so that weight loss results in lasting health benefits.

Your downtown Seattle weight loss specialist may recommend health solutions that incorporate chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and/or naturopathic medicine. Finding a path toward lasting wellness starts by scheduling your own comprehensive examination. Here, a weight loss specialist can take the first step toward developing your very own customized program.

Using the Seattle Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol

Downtown Seattle weight loss protocols from Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness

  • Anyone can lose weight, but true dieting success is measured by how well you are able to maintain a stable, healthy weight after the program is over
  • Ideal Protein is a sensible, gimmick-free weight loss program that teaches how to maintain a stable weight after dieting
  • You will receive one-on-one weekly coaching from a weight loss specialist, who will motivate you to maintain your new weight
  • Education on smarter eating from our downtown Seattle weight loss specialist will help you feel better and maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • A weight loss program can accompany other rehabilitation therapies to help you achieve an ideal weight after gaining weight while injured

Smarter eating is a lifestyle, not an event. As medical professionals, our downtown Seattle weight loss specialists recommend the Ideal Protein protocol to help you achieve and maintain a healthier body weight. Ideal Protein is a short term weight loss program with a beginning, a middle, and an end. However, unlike many other dieting options, Ideal Protein is a weight loss AND weight management method with a heavy focus on education, smarter eating, and stable weight maintenance.

This innovative weight loss protocol promotes the burning of body fat while supporting lean body mass including muscle and other tissues. It also balances insulin response by giving the pancreas a break from simple and complex sugars for the first two phases of the weight loss program.

Whatever your dieting history is, it’s time to put it in the past and start thinking about a new way to view your diet. Starting today you can stop letting your past dictate your future. Our weight loss program offers dieters what they really want, a structured plan that can offer an end to yo-yo dieting.

Our Seattle weight loss specialists discuss Ideal Protein protocol

The Ideal Protein protocol allows you to eat the foods you love, while focusing on low fat, low carbohydrate (sugar) weight loss that burns body fat while supporting muscle mass. This diet helps you achieve weight loss because body muscle burns calories. When the weight loss program is completed, and you return to more familiar eating habits, your muscle mass will burn calories. This means it’s important to retain muscle mass over time.

To learn more about Seattle Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program, please visit the Ideal Protein website:

Downtown Seattle weight loss specialist

It’s also important to eat smart so that you sustain lifestyle changes that will aid your overall wellness by helping you maintain your weight loss achievements over time. This is easy to say, but your downtown Seattle weight loss specialist will supply you with the knowledge to keep the pounds off. We accomplish this via one-on-one personalized coaching, which is designed to educate you on topics that include:

  • How the body burns calories
  • The meaning of calorie consumption
  • Which food will help you maintain a stable body weight
  • Why, when, and in what combination to eat proteins, fats, and carbs
  • How various foods affect and change your body
  • Much more

This education is paramount to maintaining body weight, because it offers you insight on how your diet directly influences all of your body’s systems. Your weight has a direct affect on the rest of your body, which means your diet ultimately dictates how well your body systems function and how effectively it prevents injury and disease.

A multidisciplinary approach to combat weight gain resulting from injury or illness

Weight gain is often the result of immobilization due to injury or illness. Even the healthiest, most physically fit person may suffer weight gain while recovering. This may ultimately require a weight loss protocol to accompany other rehabilitation therapies.

At Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness we offer a comprehensive array of therapies designed around identifying the root causes of pain, so that it can be effectively treated as opposed to masked. These include physical therapy rehabilitation, modern chiropractic treatments, and naturopathic medicine.

If you’ve suffered weight gain because you suffer from ongoing pain, schedule a comprehensive examination with one of our Seattle weight loss specialists and find out more information about the Ideal Protein protocols.

Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness is ready to help you achieve your weight loss goals

We are eager to help you realize your weight loss goals, and then develop a plan to maintain a healthy weight so that you can enjoy the benefits of lasting wellness. We have been helping patients live a healthier, pain-free lifestyle since 1992, and are conveniently located in the downtown Seattle area.

Our entire team of doctors, therapists, and weight loss specialists work together to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from all sorts of health conditions. We then offer the educational tools and one-on-one counselling required to help them maintain good health and a balanced body weight that promotes it.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of products and services to help you achieve your weight loss goals. For more information, please follow the links below:
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If you’re ready to reap the many benefits of weight loss, contact our office today and schedule your own appointment with one of our weight loss professionals. Smarter eating is not just an event – it’s a lifestyle choice with lasting benefits.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss in Seattle

Our Downtown Seattle Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach

Lori Linn

Lori Linn

Weight Loss Coach

Lori became a coach because she wanted to meet people like herself, who were discouraged with every other diet they’d tried. Lori enjoys helping people become successful and changing their lives for the better.

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