Massage Therapy

Massage therapy and soft tissue bodywork are essential in the overall wellness and functioning of the nervous system and body. Our muscles and connective tissue are bombarded by physical, biochemical, and psychological stressors. We all engage in numerous repetitive motions daily. The subsequent daily neurochemical bath that results can create muscle stiffness, adhesions, trigger points, instability, decreased nervous system adaptability, and ongoing symptoms. These stressors can make connective tissues thicker and stickier, pain increase through inflammatory feedback processes, and symptoms intensify. Massage therapy and soft tissue bodywork is a great way to address these tissues and to assist the nervous system in processing and effectively metabolizing nervous system chemistry and releasing pain and tension.

low back pain

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a major complaint with many clients at some point in their lives. This low back pain can come from: postural, mechanical, and repetitive triggers. It can also be aggravated by injury and trauma. These stressors can cause increased injury, inflammation, instability, and weakness. As massage therapists, we assess and address the underlying cause of this back pain, and work to facilitate an optimally functional pelvic girdle, lumbar spine, and entire body wide nervous system.

Neck Pain

With today’s fast paced world in which technology is pulling us ever more forward into our machines, stressors bombard us constantly, and self-care becomes an after-thought, it is no wonder over 90 percent of clients come in for massage experiencing varying levels of neck pain. This neck pain and those things pulling us forward daily can create excess jaw and scalp tension in addition to the pain we feel in the back of our necks. Neck pain in a multi-faceted phenomena that can be helped by lengthening the soft tissue that resides not only along the back of the neck where the pain is, but throughout the head, jaw, and skull.

Jaw Pain

For those struggling with jaw issues such as: clenching, grinding, clicking, postural misalignment, temporomandibular joint discomfort, and injury, massage, soft tissue bodywork, and intraoral massage can be an extremely effective way to address these symptoms. There are many stressors that can be held by the tissues of the musculature of the face, jaw, head, tongue, throat, and neck. Often headaches, both migraine and tension, neck, and shoulder issues, contain a significant jaw component. Intraoral massage and external soft tissue work of the jaw, tongue, throat, and palate can positively impact jaw alignment, mastication malfunction, pain symptoms, grinding, spasms, scar tissue, injury recovery, cranial nerve function, and parasympathetic nervous system integration.

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