There are 26 bones in the foot making it an extremely complex mechanical structure. Between each bone are joints that when strained or injured can be very pain-sensitive.

Foot pain often starts following an ankle sprain that is inadequately managed and treated. When you turn your ankle the ligaments are stretched beyond their normal, and the joints become jammed together. As this injury heals, the joints often remain stuck together and function poorly. The pain reduces as we adapt to the injury. The poor mechanics associated with stuck or fixed joints places stress on them as well as the soft tissues of the foot and will inevitably lead to an inflammatory response. Conditions like metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s neuroma are all secondary to bad mechanics and subsequent inflammation.Other things that lead to foot dysfunction and pain include weight bearing sport activities, poor or improperly fit shoes, and being overweight. Most foot pain is chronic in nature and requires considerable attention to resolve.

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How can you help my foot pain?

Our clinic offers a variety of therapies that effectively treat nearly all kinds of foot pain. Chiropractic adjustments mobilize the bones of the foot referred to as tarsals and metatarsals and often provide immediate pain relief. Cold laser therapy can penetrate deeper in tissues than icing and has an incredible ability to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Additionally, physical medicine techniques utilized at our clinic can be extremely beneficial. In addition to our therapeutic approach to treating foot pain, we offer functional foot orthotics that are custom made, flexible, and provide support to stabilize the foot without limiting mobility.

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