Dr. Brian Graham

Seattle Chiropractor
at Graham Chiropractic Center

A Washington State native, Dr. Brian Graham has been providing chiropractic healthcare in Downtown Seattle for over 26 years. In that time, he has supervised and assisted over ten thousand people in the Seattle area in regaining their health and vitality. As a leader in the preventative healthcare movement, Dr. Graham has dedicated his professional life to teaching and coaching his practice members on the benefits of holistic healthcare and creating a balanced lifestyle.

Patients usually present to our office with neck pain, back pain, headaches, and sports-related injuries. What they commonly experience in our office however is not only a solution to these common problems but a chance to experience health and wellness at an entirely new level. My focus, and the focus of our team, is to offer our practice members whatever level of care they want to achieve their specific goals. Some people are looking for pain relief and that is exactly what they get. Others are interested in chiropractic wellness, exercise programs, diet instruction or weight loss and we offer these services as well. It is our goal to provide a level of healthcare and education that will exceed your expectations.

Dr. Graham has been trained as a chiropractic sports physician and provides care for professional, college, and high school level athletes as well as the typical weekend warrior. He has been extensively trained in the treatment of traumatic whiplash injuries and works with other healthcare providers in a multidisciplinary way to assist his patients in a quick recovery. He is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in both chiropractic and physiotherapy.

It has been my experience that a combination of high-quality chiropractic care and one-on-one physical medicine improves recovery time for most of the conditions we see. Patients who have failed to improve under other programs come to our center and experience superior results with our multidisciplinary approach. Most patients do experience the difference when quality comes first.

Dr. Graham resides on Mercer Island with his wife. In addition Dr. Graham enjoys traveling, cycling, snow and water skiing, hiking, and playing golf.


Graham Rehab and Wellness is fully open and able to resume all care including emergency and routine treatments. We are following all WSHD, CDC, and WSCA guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. Should you experience cold or flu like symptoms, or are running a fever we kindly ask that you remain home. A list of Covid-19 resources is available here.