Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness is a Seattle chiropractic, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, and weight loss focused clinic. We offer extensive treatment options, and our highly accomplished staff consist of a team of experts in musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. Our multidisciplinary facility merges modern chiropractic care with physical medicine, exercise therapy, naturopathic care, nutritional counseling, deep tissue massage and patient education classes.
Our doctors perform functional examinations and recommend comprehensive rehabilitative programs to relieve pain, restore function and promote strength. We encourage patient participation in the recovery process with a focus on ergonomics, posture and home exercise programs. Our reputable staff comprise an integrated and holistic team that can provide primary care for any of your personal health needs. Established in 1992, Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness has built an exceptional reputation of providing quality care in downtown Seattle.


Downtown Seattle Chiropractor
The nervous system is the primary control mechanism of the body. Its relationship with the spine is the focus and center of our chiropractic care.
Seattle Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic medicine is a branch of medicine that emphasizes the importance of disease prevention. Rather than focusing solely on symptom elimination, naturopathic doctors concentrate on identifying the underlying cause of disease and developing a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the condition at its source.
Seattle Physical Therapy Service
At Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness you will receive one on one care from our staff of doctors and licensed physical therapist assistant. As a result your entire visit is supervised to assure that all activities are done properly.
Seattle Weight Loss
The Ideal Protein protocol is a medically supervised 4 phase weight loss method that burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue. We provide one on one coaching and support throughout all 4 phases of the program.

I chose Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness because a good friend of mine recommended Dr. Graham. I feel terrific. I am pretty much pain free.I sleep better, walk better, sit better and am more relaxed due to being mostly pain free. What a relief.My stress level has been reduced. And I am better able to manage my health with exercises Dr. Graham recommended. Overall, I have enjoyed visiting Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center: from the friendly and knowledgeable people at the front desk, to the excellent work of Dr. Graham and his ability to educate me on what he is doing and what I can do to improve my health.



I am continuing my manipulations to improve overall stability and support and to never go down that road of pain again. It’s about the whole person, body and soul. I don’t dread what’s going to hurt today anymore. The staff is great, they are always willing to give a smile and help with whatever I throw their way.

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