Graham Rehab and Wellness is fully open and able to resume all care including emergency and routine treatments. We are following all WSHD, CDC, and WSCA guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. Should you experience cold or flu like symptoms, or are running a fever we kindly ask that you remain home. A list of Covid-19 resources is available here.

Turning Crisis into Wellness

Established in 1992, Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness
has built an exceptional reputation of
providing quality care in downtown Seattle.

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Downtown Seattle Chiropractor
The nervous system is the primary control mechanism of the body. Its relationship with the spine is the focus and center of our chiropractic care.
Seattle Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic medicine is a branch of medicine that emphasizes the importance of disease prevention. Rather than focusing solely on symptom elimination, naturopathic doctors concentrate on identifying the underlying cause of disease and developing a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the condition at its source.
Seattle Physical Therapy Service
At Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness you will receive one on one care from our staff of doctors and licensed physical therapist assistant. As a result your entire visit is supervised to assure that all activities are done properly.
Seattle Weight Loss
The Ideal Protein protocol is a medically supervised 4 phase weight loss method that burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue. We provide one on one coaching and support throughout all 4 phases of the program.

Downtown Seattle Chiropractor, Combining Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, & Weight Management

Our mission is to engage and expand the concept of Health in our patients, family, and community through education, integration, and empowerment. We do this in a caring, supporting and integrative environment that challenges the paradigm shift from crisis management to health care.

Sheila Graham Rehab Seattle Review

Each morning I would struggle to get out of bed due to severe lower back and leg pain. Fusion surgery! I had read about this and know that the success rates are terrible. Fusion surgery was something that I could never do. Avoiding surgery and getting back my life was my goal. The combination of chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy has been the blessing that I needed.

Sheila L.

Michele Seattle Downtown Graham Rehab Review

For the first time, Dr. Graham diagnosed the true cause of my headaches, and within a matter of months of treatment I was free of headaches and neck pain. After living with the headaches for so long, it felt like a miracle to be free from the pain. Within one month of treatment, my neck pain went from moderate to minimal and I had no headaches. I can’t begin to describe the positive impact Dr. Graham’s treatment has made on my health and quality of life.

Michele C.

Marti Graham Rehab Downtown Seattle Review

We are very hopeful that these treatments will allow us to cancel a second surgery date. Their kindness and attention to detail are a breath of fresh air in the complicated medical world.

Marti D.

I chose Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness because a good friend of mine recommended Dr. Graham. I feel terrific. I am pretty much pain free.I sleep better, walk better, sit better and am more relaxed due to being mostly pain free. What a relief.My stress level has been reduced. And I am better able to manage my health with exercises Dr. Graham recommended. Overall, I have enjoyed visiting Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center: from the friendly and knowledgeable people at the front desk, to the excellent work of Dr. Graham and his ability to educate me on what he is doing and what I can do to improve my health.


Kate Graham Rehab Seattle Downtown Review

I have started exercising rigorously again, because I am no longer afraid of hurting myself. I feel calm and confident. I have improved posture and more energy. Now that I am not focused on getting out of pain, or afraid of the next time I will be in pain, I can dive into life! I love the entire staff at Graham Rehab! This is a very special place!!

Kate L.

Karen Graham Rehab Review

I didn’t know until then that he adjusts extremities as well as spines and necks. My arm is useful again. Now I feel like I can do anything I want to, and I do. I’m healthier overall, rarely am sick, and I have few headaches. I recommend Graham Rehabilitation to anyone who will listen.

Karen W.

Elizabeth Graham Rehab Review

Graham Rehab does the BEST job of clearly integrating all aspects of your personal wellness plan into the chiropractic plan. Sometimes my stress level decreases 95% just by getting an adjustment & being aligned again. I love the team at Graham Rehab!

Elizabeth C.

Chris Graham Rehab Review

Terrific group, genuine concern for my well being. My mental state of health has improved, I can continue to stay active playing golf, and other exercises.

Chris P.

Casey Graham Rehab Review

I feel like regular chiropractic care helps me stay active. If I have a medical issue, I consult Dr Graham as a matter of course.

Casey O.

Charlene Graham Rehab Review

I am continuing my manipulations to improve overall stability and support and to never go down that road of pain again. It’s about the whole person, body and soul. I don’t dread what’s going to hurt today anymore. The staff is great, they are always willing to give a smile and help with whatever I throw their way.

Charlene S.

Amy Graham Rehab Review

I didn’t think chiropractic care would help me because of my many spinal fusions, but I was dead wrong. Now I can’t imagine life without it. Through adjustments of my ribcage I’ve gone from about 65% lung capacity to closer to 90%. I recommend Dr. Graham to other post-fusion patients that think chiropractic care is outside their treatment plan.

Amy S.

Olsen Review Graham Rehab

I have been a patient of Dr. Graham’s for over fourteen years now and he has kept my quality of life at a very high level. I would strongly recommend that you give Dr. Graham a try to help with your back issues. He has done some great things for me and being 6’8” and 240, there is a lot of back to take care of.

Olson P.

Stephanie Review Graham Rehab

After a couple weeks of discomfort in my lower back I suddenly could not stand or move without intense pain. Dr. Graham and Dr. Groven made time to see me immediately. Their kindness, commitment, willingness to communicate and provide me with good information and choices gave me hope and a feeling that I had an outstanding team with me. After the first couple weeks using the decompression table my condition finally began to improve steadily. The pain decreased and I was able to accomplish everyday tasks without pain or fear. I count on an ongoing relationship with Dr. Graham and Dr. Groven as part of my personal wellness plan.

Stephanie V.

Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center was established in 1992 in downtown Seattle.  Initially a chiropractic and massage clinic, our vision grew into a fully integrated holistic multidisciplinary health center.   We offer a variety of drug and surgery free treatment options for patients with musculoskeletal conditions and for those with general health concerns.  Graham Rehabilitation  merges modern chiropractic care with physical medicineexercise therapy, primary naturopathic care, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, deep tissue massage and patient education classes. At Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness, our doctors work closely together to accurately diagnose and treat a variety of conditions including: neck pain, back pain, disc herniation, musculoskeletal pain, TMJ, headaches, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hip pain, knee, ankle and foot pain and nearly all sports related injuries.  Chronic or acute, our team will accurately assess the cause of your pain and offer conservative and effective solutions.  Looking for a primary doctor for physicals, female healthcare or pediatrics?  Our primary care naturopathic physician takes the time to learn about your health concerns and will offer natural solutions.  Our primary doctor can also manage your prescription medications and offer safer alternatives. 

Our doctors perform functional examinations and recommend comprehensive rehabilitative programs to relieve pain, restore function and promote strength. We encourage patient participation in the recovery process with a focus on ergonomics, posture and home exercise programs. Our reputable staff comprise an integrated and holistic team that can provide primary care for any of your personal health needs. Established in 1992, Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness has built an exceptional reputation of providing quality care in downtown Seattle.

Health is defined as a state of optimum physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. With this in mind we encourage patients to use our facility not only for pain relief, but to regain their health and wellness, and maintain it. Wellness based care is the future of health care. By providing specific therapeutic treatments, nutritional advice, personalized exercise protocols, and a variety of ongoing educational tools our center proliferates wellness. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Unfortunately, our bodies didn’t come with an owner’s manual, so many of us need instruction to prevent pain and disease and to maintain wellness.

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