Does working at a desk all day cause you pain?

Most common complaints include neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, elbow and wrist pain. Usually, the pain comes on gradually beginning with stiffness and mild discomfort and then eventually leading to more significant pain that affects the quality of your life. In the United States, millions of Americans have office jobs that require them to spend over 1,700 hours in front of a computer screen annually. It has been said that “sitting is the new smoking” when it comes to health issues nationally. The body is made to move, not to be stationary all day. Making things worse, many sit with poor posture and bad desk/chair ergonomics.

Okay, that’s the bad news. If you are one of the millions of Americans stuck behind a computer all day we can help. The reality is you either need to quit working, suffer in pain or find a way to manage your spinal health while you work at your computer. For the third option, either schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with one of our doctors or better yet, schedule an appointment to get the advice and care you need. Bottom line; you don’t have to live in pain.

We all know that sitting or even standing behind a computer is hard on our spine and can cause neck and back pain. It needs to be understood that pain is your body telling you there is something wrong and your adaptation to your environment has lifelong ramifications. More and more we are seeing people in their 40’s and 50’s with a forward head posture.

Your head weighs about 10-12 pounds like a bowling ball. When the head migrates forward and the shoulders roll forward the human body is subject to a poor lever system that strains the upper back and neck.

The muscles in the upper back and neck become tight and painful as they try to keep your heavy head from falling forward. The spinal joints in the cervical and thoracic spine lock-in making it difficult even with stretching and strengthening to regain normal posture. The obstacle to cure becomes the joints of the neck and upper back. Poor posture is not only cosmetically troublesome and painful, it is also associated with chronic headaches and overall poor health.

A structured treatment plan that includes ergonomic assessment, postural reconditioning and instruction, myofascial release of tight tissues, and treatment of the stuck spinal joints has been proven to reduce pain, increase quality of life and change posture. We have what you’re looking for.

A free consultation is available to learn more about our approach to treating and managing pain from working at a computer. Available times are M-F, 1:15 pm, or 6:15 pm. Call 206-622-9001 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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