Shoulder injuries can result in significant pain and limitations in use of your upper extremity with daily activities and with general exercise. Most shoulder pain is the result of weakness in the rotator cuff muscles combined with weakness in scapular and postural muscles. This combination along with forward postures can result in significant strain on the shoulder joint and surrounding tissues leading to pain, popping/clicking, and instability.

Don’t Ignore Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain should not be ignored and should be addressed sooner than later because over time your body creates multiple compensations and imbalances that can lead to further weakness and tightness in areas surrounding the shoulder including the upper back, neck, and arm.

Shoulder Pain Treatment and Shoulder Injury Prevention

Downtown Seattle physical therapist Dr. Valencia will work with you to begin to isolate and strengthen the smaller stabilizer muscles including the rotator cuff in order to improve stability in the shoulder and decrease strain. Manual therapy techniques will be utilized to decrease muscular spasm and improve joint mobility. We will also work together to improve posture and body mechanics to decreases shoulder strain and minimize future injuries.

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