Wellness on the Weekends: Shop Fresh and Local   Farmer’s markets are a simple, enjoyable way to integrate wellness into your week. There’s no downside to shopping at a farmer’s market over a grocery store. Structured as a physical retail space, farmer’s markets feature foods sold directly by farmers to consumers, providing a fresh, local […]

Piriformis Stretches and Preventing Sciatica

Muscle Monday with Doctor Mayr The piriformis is a muscle deep in the buttock. It lies beneath the larger, and more well known, gluteus maximus muscle. When you peel back the gluteus maximus you reach the external rotators of the hip, largest of which is the piriformis. The piriformis is an important muscle because one […]

Dr. Kyle’s Chiro Q&A

Every week I will answer a question or series of questions about chiropractic. This weeks question comes from M.G. What type of education and training do chiropractors have? Doctors of chiropractic are trained as primary contact providers and are trained specifically to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. This comprises muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine […]

Muscle Mondays with Dr. Mayr: Quads

This week’s muscle is the Quadriceps The quadriceps muscle is actually a group of 4 muscles as the name “quad” suggests. Three of the muscles originate at the top of the leg bone by the hip and joint into a common tendon connecting to our knee caps. The fourth is the largest of the four […]

21 Day New Year Wellness Challenge

Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness invites you to join the 21 Day New Year Wellness Challenge. Start the new year off with a health and wellness reboot. The 3 week challenge will consist of the following: Detoxifying Diet Setting Exercise Goals  Implementing Stress Reduction Techniques Interested in learning more?! Come to our complementary class to get valuable information […]