Did you ever wonder why your neck or upper back hurt so much lately? It might just have to do with the technology you spend so much time with. The average human head weighs about 10-12 pounds. Your body can easily support its weight while in the normal neutral position. Unfortunately most of us do […]

Is It OK For Me To Adjust My Own Neck?

Many of us understand the relationship between neck and back pain and long work days hunched in front of a computer monitor. We all question what we can do to alleviate this pain. Some of us deal with the pain, while others turn to over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Others will […]

How to Identify and Treat Common Headaches

Over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic recurring headaches. If you are one of the millions, have you identified what type of headache you regularly suffer from? What treatment strategies have you employed to manage your headaches? In this blog article, I will identify and describe some of the common types of headaches as well […]

Dr. Kyle’s Chiro Q&A

Every week I will answer a question or series of questions about chiropractic. This weeks question comes from M.G. What type of education and training do chiropractors have? Doctors of chiropractic are trained as primary contact providers and are trained specifically to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. This comprises muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine […]

5 Ergonomic Tips for the Office

Don’t position your office chair too high – While it’s important to ensure that your office chair is high enough to effectively work at your desk, most people tend to sit too high off of the ground. A seat height between 16-21 inches off of the ground is a good rule of thumb. With your feet […]


Opiate related drug addiction and dependency continues to rise and poses a significant threat to our citizens and to our healthcare system. Too often these pain killers are routinely prescribed to address chronic pain which precipitates the inevitable drug dependency that follows. Prescribing doctors and pharmacists will verbally reiterate to take the medication only as […]


Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness was at the recovery tent of the Seattle Marathon helping participants! Dr. Kyle McKenzie treated participants of both the half and full marathon helping to treat their musculoskeletal issues and speed up their recovery.”It was really a great opportunity to help some of the athletes in our community. The Seattle Marathon […]


Vitamin C, Echinacea, probiotics, zinc…it can be quite daunting to decide which vitamins, minerals and herbs to take during the cold and flu season. Even though I believe there is a time and place for supplementing with high quality vitamins and herbs, I think the foundation of health revolves around lifestyle choices. 1. Sleep Most of […]