DSC_4435Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness was at the recovery tent of the Seattle Marathon helping participants! Dr. Kyle McKenzie treated participants of both the half and full marathon helping to treat their musculoskeletal issues and speed up their recovery.”It was really a great opportunity to help some of the athletes in our community. The Seattle Marathon has a big draw with participants from all across the state and greater Pacific Northwest.”DSC_4409The Seattle Marathon began in the 1970s when a small group from the University of Washington decided to host their own marathon. This year, the 45th year of the Seattle Marathon, over 15,000 people participated. It is now one of the 10 largest marathons in the country and continues to grow every year. The steady growth of participants means more injuries at the event.Long distance running can take a toll on the body. The biomechanics of running, if not optimal, produce the typical wear and tear symptoms we so often see in practice. The constant impact of running will wear on joint function, something chiropractors excel at treating.”There are a lot of symptomatic participants. The average runner isn’t a full time athlete, but rather someone who has a day job same as you and I. All the sitting that goes on in this society results in a weak core and tight hamstrings and glutes. It isn’t exactly an ideal setup for competition and peak performance, or really even running injury free.”Chiropractic care is rapidly growing in popularity among those in the running community. Olympic athletes such as Sheila Taormina, Thanh Nguyen, Marissa Pedulla, Dan O’Brien, Karch Kiraly, and Kent Steffes have all utilized and praised the benefits of chiropractic care for helping them compete at their best.DSC_4443 Many of the treatments offered at Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness are specialized to treat the most common running injuries. Plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome, patella tracking problems, and hip bursitis are all conditions regularly experienced by runners. The treatment approach to these conditions at Graham Rehab is individualized and gets results fast.