Avoid Injuries this New Year: Dr. Mayr’s tips for avoiding sports injuries on the slopes and at the gym in 2016

With the beautiful winter sports weather in the Northwest this year, many of you will likely be heading up to the passes for some skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing and other outdoor fun. It is always a good idea to cross train and ease back in to a sport, so before you spend your whole weekend sledding down the mountain or hop right into a boot camp class consider adding these simple strengthening and stretching exercises into your weekly routine to protect your knees and low back.

Foam Roll Your Iliotibial Band


Stretch Your Hip Flexors

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Stretch Your Hamstrings


Strengthen Your Low Back and Practice Bending at the Waist, Rather Than Rounding Through the Low Back and Knees

  • Superman Strengthening for low back


  • Body Mechanic Squats


Strengthen Your Gluteals

  • Hip Abduction


Happy Holidays and come see us at Graham Rehab for all your physical therapy and rehabilitative needs!