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This Mondays Muscles are the Peroneals
The peroneals also known as the fibularis muscle group are found on the outer side of you lower leg, foot and ankle. They help to rotate your foot outward and are important muscles in balance. If you suffer from chronic ankle sprains or suspect you may have poor balance try adding this one simple theraband exercise into your workout regime.

Ankle Eversion: Place one end of theraband around foot, loop around other foot and hold other end in hand. Slowly while keeping both knees facing upward and keeping legs extended rotate active ankle outward. Repeat for 15-25 repetitions or until fatigue. Best to do 2-3 sets for 6 weeks to see noticeable change in ankle strength. Image 3 Exercise 1

Image 4 Exercise 2

For more exercises like this or to improve your balance schedule an appointment with our physical therapy department today! Enjoy your Monday!